About us


Agrami develops and delivers modern elements of plant production technologies in the field of single- and multi-component foliar fertilisers.

We are proud of our team of excellent specialist, chemists and of our certificates. These solid foundations confirm the unique composition, concentration and performance of the products. The advanced properties and composition of our products distinguish us from other manufacturers of this range of products. We work hard to make sure that our innovative ideas contribute to the development of agriculture and inspire farmers to the implementation of modern methods of farming.

20 years of experience

agricultural machinery


The common feature of the people who make up Agrami is their passion for the agriculture we grew up with and live by. This allows us to understand your needs, we have the answers to your questions and doubts and provide advice. Our long-term experience in the field of agriculture is an inspiration for us.

We also understand the value of the land. We know that it is priceless, providing value not only for us, but also for future generations. As a result of the synergy of knowledge, care and experience, we are able to implement solutions allowing the efficiency and productivity of the land to be increased while reducing its degradation.