WapńMI nAgCu Fertiliser containing easily bioavailable calcium

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Type D.2 Calcium chloride solution

Foliar mineral fertiliser containing easily bioavailable calcium and added nanosilver particles (50 ppm) and nanocopper particles (50 ppm). Very high content of the micronutrient and the added adjuvant allow low dosage. Efficient and economic application. Convenient and safe during transport, storage and application.

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WapńMInAgCu is intended for foliar fertilisation of agricultural and horticultural plants, especially in cases of calcium deficiency or impeded calcium uptake from the soil and high incidence of diseases. Calcium is essential in intensive crop cultivation technologies and in stress conditions. It guarantees the healthy structure and functioning of cell walls and membranes. It participates in water and mineral balance regulation and in transport processes within the plant. It increases plant tolerance to environmental stress factors. It is essential for the proper growth of roots and aerial parts of the plant. Stimulates rooting, blossoming, fruit development. Calcium, as well as nano-silver and copper, can inhibit the development of diseases. They are essential for obtaining high yields and improve storage potential, especially for fruit, vegetables and root plants.

Properties of the fertiliser:

  • very high calcium concentration,
  • presence of nano-silver and nano-copper in the composition,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser,
  • high bioavailability of the ingredient,
  • adjuvant in the chemical composition,
  • low fertiliser doses, economic application,
  • easy-to-prepare applied liquid.

Nutrient content: % m/m

1 Calcium oxide (CaO) 18,5%

The benefits of the use of a calcium fertiliser with added nano-silver and nano-copper:

  • plant water balance regulation,
  • increased resistance to stress, for example water shortages,
  • stimulates growth of roots, blossoming, and fruit formation,
  • improved plant health,
  • increased resistance to tissue damage,
  • increased yield
  • improved storage characteristics of crops, in particular of vegetables and fruit.
Term/Stage of development Dose [L/ha] or concentration [%]
Autumn – after 3-4 leaves have formed 1,0 – 2,0
Spring – 1-2 applications every 10-14 days, in the rapid growth stage 1,0 – 2,0
1-3 applications every 10-14 days, after 3-4 leaves have formed 1,0 – 2,0
1-3 applications every 10-14 days, in the rapid growth stage 1,0 – 2,0
1-2 applications every 10-14 days, in the fruit growth and ripening stage 1,0 – 3,0

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