MI6 composite mineral liquid fertiliser.

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Nawóz WE – płynny nawóz mineralny złożony.
Typ C.2.3 Roztwór nawozowy NP (Mg, S) 3-15 (5-9). 
MI6 jest płynnym nawozem wieloskładnikowym zalecanym do stosowania we wszystkich uprawach rolniczych i ogrodniczych.

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Type C.2.3 NP (Mg, S) 3-15 (5-9) fertilising solution.

MI6 is a liquid, multi-component fertiliser, recommended for use in all agricultural and horticultural crops. MI6 added to water changes its colour, and the pH of the solution can be assessed visually using the colorimetric scale provided on the label. The colour of the water should change to pale raspberry, which corresponds to a pH value of approx. 5.

Additional advanced properties of MI6:

  • it delivers the nutrients to plants faster and more efficiently, providing the optimal buffer for most tank mixtures, and contains magnesium, which is extremely valuable for plants,
  • is provided with an indicator (colorimetric indicator) of the pH of the solution – allowing simple and lightning fast determination of the optimal properties of the solution without the use of complicated equipment, imparting the characteristic, light raspberry colour to the solution (pH 4.5–5.5),
  • properties typical for an adjuvant – facilitates the functional efficiency of the introduced, active substance,
  • facilitates miscibility, limits the risk of chemical decomposition of crop protection chemicals,
  • activates the penetration of liquids deep into the plants,
  • increases plant resistance to drought stress and low temperatures.

The mineral MI6 foliar fertiliser may be successfully used with all agricultural and horticultural crops.
50–150 mL of the MI6 fertiliser per 100 L of water.

Nutrient content: % m/m

1 Total nitrogen (N) 3%
2 Nitrogen (N), as amides 11%
3 Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 15%
4 Total magnesium oxide (MgO) 5%
5 Total sulphur trioxide (SO3) 9%


Benefits of using a water conditioning fertiliser solution:

  • a source of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and sulphur easily bioavailable to the plants,
  • improved quality of water used in plant protection treatments,
  • decreased pH of used water,
  • facilitates penetration of nutrients and active substances into plants,
  • limits adverse changes and reactions of tank mixtures.

Approximate fertiliser doses:
50–150 mL of the MI6 fertiliser per 100 L of water.

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