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Fertiliser for foliar application in winter rape crops
Type E.2.4.1 Liquid fertiliser mixture containing micronutrients. EC FERTILISER – liquid mineral fertiliser.

Fertiliser for foliar application in winter rape and other brassica crops. It supplements the basic NPK fertilisation with extremely important macroelements for these plants – sulphur and magnesium, as well as and 6 microelements.

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Type E.2.4.1 EC fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser. A liquid fertiliser mixture with micronutrients.
Fertiliser for foliar application in winter rape and other brassica crops. Supplements the basic NPK fertilisation with macronutrients extremely important for these plants – sulphur, magnesium and 6 micronutrients. MI RZEPAK is a mineral fertiliser intended for supplementary nutrition of plants at plantations with high potential crop yields, intensively fertilised with NPK and for faster remedying of micronutrient deficiency symptoms. It contains a lot of boron – the most important micro-nutrient for brassica plants. Sulphur, magnesium and molybdenum increase the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation, while other micronutrients in the right ratio have a positive effect on the growth, cold resistance and health of plants.

Additional advanced properties of the MI RZEPAK fertiliser:

  • unique gel formulation,
  • high concentration of nutrients, low doses of the fertiliser,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser and bioavailability of nutrients,
  • easy to prepare applied liquid.

Nutrient content: % m/m

1 Total boron (B) 2,2%
2 Copper (Cu), water-soluble 0,8%
3 Copper (Cu), EDTA-chelated 0,8%
4 Iron (Fe), water-soluble 1,0%
5 Total iron (Fe), EDTA-chelated 1,0%
6 Manganese (Mn), water-soluble 1,9%
7 Manganese (Mn), EDTA-chelated 1,9%
8 Total molybdenum (Mo) 0,02%
9 Zinc (Zn), water-soluble 0,7%
10 Zinc (Zn), EDTA-chelated 0,7%

Also contains: magnesium, sulphur

The benefits of using a mineral fertiliser with 6 micronutrients and added macronutrients:

  • prevention of magnesium, sulphur and microelement deficiencies, mainly in brassica plants,
  • rapid remedy of deficiencies in these components and their consequences,
  • improved efficiency of soil fertilisation, mainly with nitrogen,
  • improved plant resistance to low temperatures and water shortages,
  • improved condition and health of plants,
  • increased crop yields,
  • increased fat content of the seeds.
Term/Stage of development Dose [L/ha] or concentration [%]
In the autumn, at the 4-8 leaf stage 0.5 – 1,5
In the spring, after vegetation resumes, beginning of stem elongation 0.5 – 1,5
Closed green bud stage 0.5 – 1,5
Before blossoming, closed yellow bud stage 0.5 – 1,5
Leaf rosette stage 0.5 – 1,5
Closed green bud stage 0.5 – 1,5
Before blossoming, closed yellow bud stage 0.5 – 1,5

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