MI ZBOŻE Foliar fertiliser for winter and spring cereals

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E.2.4.1 Liquid mixture of micro-nutrients: boron (B) (hydrogen cation), copper (Cu) (sulphate), iron (Fe) (sulphate), manganese (Mn) (sulphate), molybdenum (Mo) (oxo-complex), and zinc (Zn) (sulphate). EC fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

Fertiliser for foliar application in winter and spring cereals.

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TYPE E.2.4.1 Liquid mixture of micronutrients: boron (B) (hydrogen cation), copper (Cu) (sulphate), iron (Fe) (sulphate), manganese (Mn) (sulphate), molybdenum (Mo) (ammonium cation), and zinc (Zn) (sulphate). EC fertiliser – liquid mineral fertiliser

Fertiliser for foliar application in winter and spring cereals. A source of easily available micronutrients as well as of magnesium and sulphur. Particularly rich in copper and manganese, key micronutrients in mineral nutrition of cereals. Well-balanced micronutrients ensure good macronutrient use, plant growth and development stimulation, as well as high yields and good quality crops. Silicon strengthens the culms, reduces plant lodging and infections.

MI ZBOŻE should be used at every plantation of winter and spring cereals. Removes hidden and visible symptoms of plant nutrient deficiencies. In intensively fertilised fields, NPK fertiliser is a source of seven essential micronutrients, plus magnesium and sulphur. Magnesium, copper and iron are essential for chlorophyll biosynthesis, and increase the effectiveness of photosynthesis. Sulphur and molybdenum improve nitrogen utilisation and have a beneficial effect on the protein content in the grain. MI CEREAL contains silicon facilitating the uptake of nutrients, especially of phosphorus. Silicon reinforces cell walls and increases the resistance to lodging, diseases, and abiotic stress.

Advanced fertiliser properties:

  • a unique gel formulation,
  • easy transition to a liquid form,
  • contains a chelating agent,
  • high concentration of nutrients, low doses of the fertiliser,
  • easy-to-prepare applied liquid,
  • very good solubility of the fertiliser and bioavailability of nutrients,
  • contains silicon (SiO2).

Nutrient content: % m/m

1 Boron (B), water-soluble 0,25%
2 Copper (Cu), water-soluble 1,5%
3 Iron (Fe), water-soluble 2,0%
4 Manganese (Mn), water-soluble 2,5%
5 Molybdenum (Mo), water-soluble 0,03%
6 Zinc (Zn), water-soluble 2,5%

Also contains: magnesium, sulphur, silicon

The benefits of using a mineral fertiliser with 6 micronutrients, silicon and added macronutrients:

  • prevention of magnesium, sulphur and trace element deficiencies, mainly in cereal plants,
  • rapid remedy of deficiencies in these components during the vegetation season of cereals and their consequences,
  • enables supplementation of soil fertilisation,
  • improved efficiency of basic fertilisation, mainly with nitrogen,
  • increased resistance of plants to low temperatures, water shortages and lodging,
  • improved vigour, condition and health of plants,
  • increased crop yields,
  • increased protein content in the grain.
Term/Stage of development Dose [L/ha] or concentration [%]
Autumn – 1-2 treatments every 7-10 days, once 2-3 leaves have formed 0,5-1,0
Spring – 2-3 applications every 10-14 days, up to the earing stage 0,5-1,5
first application – after 3-4 leaves have formed 0,5-1,0
2-3 applications every 10-14 days, from the tillering stage up to the earing stage 0,5-1,5

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